BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) can affect anyone

G’day, Dave* here.

I’ve been sharing my experiences with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) with you, but not everyone has the same experience. I wanted to talk to you today about John (I’ve changed his name, but this is a true story). John was a GP, and he’s a great example of how BPH can affect anyone.

Now John was a great doctor. He’s in his mid-80’s now but worked as a family doctor for years. He started noticing some of the symptoms of BPH about 16 years ago. He was getting up at night to go to the loo multiple times, and half the time, couldn’t seem to get anything out once he was there.

The thing is, John was a GP. He knew exactly what was likely to be the cause of the issue, so he made an appointment to see his doctor. John says that early intervention was the key, and he was able to manage it pretty well for a number of years.

Eventually though, the symptoms returned worse than before and even John needed to see a specialist. BPH can happen to anyone, whether they’re healthy, medical professionals, or a little bit out of shape like me! Anyway, after John visited a urologist he changed medication, and his symptoms are much less bothersome. I’m sure his wife, like Lyn, is happy to be getting a good night’s sleep again!

As a GP, John is well aware us Aussie blokes can be reluctant to go to the doctor. Even so, it’s important to make sure we get ourselves checked out regularly. There are multiple options available so if you’re experiencing symptoms, your best bet is to book that appointment and get it sorted out before it becomes a real problem.

*This is a fictitious patient based on real patient accounts of their experience with BPH

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