When I was asked to record some of my experiences with BPH, I was only too happy to get involved. After all, if my story is able to help someone else, then I’m glad to share it.

Today’s entry comes from one of my least favourite locations imaginable - the doctor’s waiting room. I thought I’d make the best use of my time while I sit here waiting and fill you in. Beats reading a three-year-old golf magazine, right?

In my many years I’m yet to encounter anyone who enjoys a visit to the doctor. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known my GP for years and he’s a good bloke, but I won’t be making a habit of seeing him if I don’t have to!

So, when I was having trouble going to the bathroom, my GP was the last person I considered chatting to. Initially I put it down to old age, told myself I could manage it and tried to get on with life. When it began to interrupt everyday things like meetings, dinners, even going for a walk with my wife, I must admit it started getting to me. Now, by this point, my lovely wife Lyn had noticed my embarrassment and change in mood and had booked me a doctor’s appointment.

After the usual hesitation and grumbles Lyn has come to expect from my good self, I agreed to head along. Well after visiting my doc and taking the treatment he prescribed, I was feeling better - it was that easy!

Look, it can be tough chatting about what's going on downstairs, especially if you dread going to the doctor. All I can say is, save the waiting for the waiting room and get it sorted today. Here's a few questions that might help you chat to your GP and start the conversation about BPH.

  1. I’ve been having some problems with my water works lately. I feel as though I keep wanting to go to the toilet for a wee but when I get there only a little bit comes out. Could this be something to do with my prostate?
  2. I wanted to talk to you about my water works as lately I have noticed my stream has become weak and wondered if this is something to do with my prostate?
  3. I’ve been getting up at night a lot to go to the toilet and was wondering if this is something to do with my prostate? It is really affecting my (and my partner’s) sleep and wondered if there is anything I can do?

*This is a fictitious patient based on real patient accounts of their experience with BPH

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